Something is wrong with the Universe, and it's up to Peter Parsec to save it.
When Colonel Parsec gets the call from General Carrie Sabres (who happens to be his wife) at the Hexagon, he is all set to depart from his post as Commandant at the United Space Military Academy and take the mothballed Starship Aintnoprize into action. But while he's getting his things together, a group of cadets led by his son accidentally launch the ship. Not one to shy away from a mission -- or a chance to get off post for a while -- Pete Junior and his co-first-captain Rusty Barrels end up leading the charge, accompanied by the partially mechanized Cy Borg, saucer-riding Alienne Gray and martial-arts instructor (and evolved giant panda) Yin Yang. There is no time to turn back; indeed, it seems that time is turning back on itself, and these half-trained cadets are the galaxy's only hope.

About the
Peter Parsec first appeared in issues of The Pointer, a collegiate magazine produced by cadets of the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Running from 1976 to 1980, the satirical adventures of Peter and first-captain Carrie Sabres poked fun at comic books, science fiction and Academy life, and helped many classes of cadets get their minds off of the combined pressures of a heavy course load and countless military duties and regulations. The original adventures have been collected on a CD, along with a few special features. Click here to learn more about The Classic Adventures of Peter Parsec.
   This new special edition comic book, on the other hand,  is a kind of "next generation" story that focuses on Peter Parsec, Jr., and his friends, but the original characters are here, too, in key roles befitting of their rank.
20 pages, black and white with color cover. 
Every copy personally signed by the creator.
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