Please take the time to proof-read your work. While we will insist on the right to edit your copy (for consistency of style and to correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, etc.), you will make a much better impression as a writer if you can demonstrate that there won't be a lot of that for us to do. Pay attention to such things as point of view, remaining in character, and appropriate style and language for the intended audience. Send a Word or InDesign file to If you insist on mailing your proposal, please include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate postage) or do not expect the work to be returned.
knowledge of perspective, anatomy, light and shadow, and sound composition, as well as drama. Digital work is acceptable ONLY if it is not simply a manipulation of another artist's or photographer's work, or dependent on software such as Poser. Above all, the illustration must augment the story without giving away its ending. Submit files to
   As a small, independent publisher, we cannot hope to compete with the "big dogs" by doing what they do.  Therefore, we are mostly interested in works that stand out from the crowd, with their uniqueness being one of the "hooks" we can use to generate some buzz. Tell us what makes you or your work special, but please leave out the empty hyperbole. It matters very little what your friends and family think; what is important is what a stranger might find interesting.  It is extremely important that you follow the guidelines below for submitting your book proposal. Keep it short and to the point, but don't leave out anything important.
     1. A short explanation of your credentials and why you are qualified to write this book. Include the intended audience and why this will appeal to them.
    2. An outline of the proposed chapters, with a one-sentence explanation, where necessary, of each segment or chapter.
    3. A sample chapter or two (no more) to show your writing style, level of detail, and so on.
    4. Any illustrations, photos or diagrams that
   We have need of illustrators for black-and-white interior illustrations and color covers. Samples in JPEG, TIFF, PSD or PDF format will be considered. What we are looking for is the ability to illustrate an assigned story in a clear, printable image, sized to fit in the space assigned. We are NOT looking for just "pin-ups" or images of a character without a background; artists must demonstrate a working

   1. A short explanation of your credentials and why you are qualified to write this book. Include any published work to your credit, and any special knowledge that you may be applying to the work (i.e., "I was a merchant marine for five years, and I have drawn on my experiences in the Caribbean to add realism to this book about pirates.").  Reviews of past work would be helpful, too.
    2. The genre and intended audience, plus anything that would make this work stand out from the rest of the books in that particular niche.  If you are attempting to create a niche of your own, please tell us about it and indicate why you think it will be profitable.     
    3. A synopsis in one or two pages of the entire book. Do not be afraid to include the ending -- this
    Follow the above guidelines as best fits your particular situation. Bear in mind that comics are a labor-intensive genre; the more you do, the less we have to do, and so the greater share of profits will fall to you. For example, if you are a writer, you will have much less chance of getting your work published than if you had already teamed up with an illustrator. However, we may be able to help match you up with someone, so please go ahead and send us some samples. For writers, we need to see a complete script, either in narrative form or a panel-
would support the sample chapters, or a descriptionof same. Images should be attached as JPEG, PDF, TIFF or PSD files, or embedded via InDesign or HTML software. For the purposes of your proposal (but not for publication) make the images 72dpi at the size they would appear on the page.
    5. Any references or testimonials from people other than your inner circle that may support your credentials or your claims.
is not an advertisement, but an actual demonstration that you can carry a story to a well-considered conclusion.
    4. A sample chapter or two. We recommend that one of these be the first chapter, as it is important to see how you would gain the reader's interest at the beginning. NOTE: In almost every case, you must already have completed at least a first draft of your manuscript before we will consider publishing it. Do not send the entire MS until we ask for it, but you should have it ready.
    5. If this is a collection of short stories, treat each story as a chapter in the book, and follow the guidelines above. Send us your two strongest stories and wait for us to ask for more.

Comics and Graphic Novels
by-panel or page-by-page description, including dialogue. For artists, we need to see the ability to tell a story with pictures, so you need to send us more than pin-ups.  Show that you understand perspective, pacing, drama, action flow and composition (in a panel and on a whole page of panels). Show us that you can handle backgrounds and shadows, as well as the main characters. Inked panels are best, but pencils will be acceptable. Do not send original art, as it will not be returned to you. Send to