About the Composer
HypXoticus is the alter ego of composer/musician Timetheon K. When asked by his close friend Yvonne to put together some tracks for her book projects, he dove in head first, composing several themes, each of which expresses the spirit of a different story, much the way a movie score enhances the action and mood of the plot.
  He has a background in Gospel music, Timetheon plays guitar (4- and 6- string),bass and keyboards.  Recently he purchased some advanced production tools from a guy in England, who told him about some software “synths” (from the word “synthesizer” which electronically reproduces any sound or musical instrument in its library).  This really got his creative juices flowing, and he is having a blast creating wonderful music on his Korg rackmount synth keyboard and manipulating it through both Macintosh and PC computers, a mixer and other sophisticated equipment.  The result is a complex, professional score that would do any film or video project proud. 
  Timetheon lives in Rochester, New York.  When he’s not spending time with his daughter Zuraya, he can usually be found in his studio having a one-man party, creating another musical masterpiece. He describes his music is a combination of elements driven by a desire to have the listener hear what he's saying without having spoken a single word. “I want people to listen to my music, not just hear
it. So tell me; are you listening?”
  You can contact hypXoticus at tkeis@yahoo.com.